Enjoy this three bedroom Santorini inspired villa that is spacious enough for a family getaway or team building. Our family villa is equipped with a huge living room and balcony overlooking the sea.

    Villa Details:
    Infinity Pool
    2 Spacious Air-conditioned Bedrooms with Hot and Cold Shower
    1 Kiddie Bedroom for 8 pax
    4 Bathrooms
    1 Balcony with Relaxation Area
    1 Grilling Area
    1 Dirty Kitchen
    Fully Equipped Kitchen
    Dining Area
    Living Room
    Indoor Bar
    300 sqm

    *PWD Friendly

    Access to Common Infinity Pool Areas
    Easy access for People With Disability and seniors.
    The ocean doesn't have a sand area and not advisable for swimming.

    Price Inclusive of VAT

    **This villa is PWD friendly

    14 pax capacity

    (tax and fees included)
    (Low Rate M - Th)
    (High Rate Fri - Sun)


    Payment by credit card

    Please send in an email to,, a screenshot of the completed transaction. Thanks.


    • Air Conditioner
    • Balcony
    • Cable TV
    • LED TV
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Griller
    • Hot & Cold Shower
    • Kid Friendly
    • Kitchen Equipments
    • Parking
    • Pet Friendly
    • Smoking Area
    • Bedroom
    • Car Garage
    • Chimney
    • Dining Table
    • Common Infinity Pool
    • Living Room