The newest addition to Sundowners, brings you condominium style units right next to the ocean. Enjoy the ocean breeze and the view of calm waters surrounding your private spacious balconies. Relax, unwind and enjoy, Sundowners Marina.

    Family Marina Unit Details :
    - 1 Infinity Plunge Pool located on the balcony
    - One Floor " Flat Type" Unit
    - Three Airconditioned Bedrooms
    - One airconditioned corner with two Bunk Beds
    - Fully Equipped Kitchen
    - Spacious Balcony
    - Morrocan Style Living Room with Aircon
    - Four Bathrooms
    - 1 Grilling Area

    * Access to all common infinity pool areas
    * Sundowners Marina is right next to the ocean and water sports area. The ocean doesn't have a sand area and not advisable for swimming.

    Rate :
    16,950 weekdays for 12 pax
    19,950 weekends for 12 pax

    * Price inclusive of VAT

    **This villa is PWD friendly but access to the Marina Wing pool and Cliffside Pool requires the use of a staircase

    (tax and fees included)
    (Low Rate M - Th)
    (High Rate Fri - Sun)


    Payment by credit card

    Please send in an email to,, a screenshot of the completed transaction. Thanks.


    • Air Conditioner
    • Balcony
    • Cable TV
    • LED TV
    • Fire Extinguisher
    • Griller
    • Hot & Cold Shower
    • Kid Friendly
    • Kitchen Equipments
    • Parking
    • Pet Friendly
    • Smoking Area
    • Bedroom
    • Dining Table
    • Common Infinity Pool
    • Living Room