NYKōS Kitchen+Bar will help you complete your Santorini experience at Sundowners Vacation Villas by providing a Mediterranean inspired menu created by Executive Chef/Owner Stries Casallo. He is one of Western Pangasinan’s trendiest Chef de Cuisines bringing authenticity and international experience back to his former childhood home. His creative style in culinary arts is perfectly balanced with his faithfulness to cultural authenticity of world cuisines.

His menu will have you transported to Greece with uncompromising flavors of Mediterranean herbs and spices, while also providing a great place for food, drinks, and entertainment. He has something for everyone whether it’s Greek Kebabs for the true foodies, Filipino pulutan like Sisig, or take part as he shares his American upbringing with his perfect blend of 100% beef cuts ground in house for his mouth watering burgers.

For reservations and advanced orders please contact NYKōS Kitchen+Bar at:

Globe 0945 610 1964
SMART 0929 315 7301

NYKōS Kitchen+Bar is located in the Sundowners Marina and is open to both villa guests and all walk ins. No entrance fee is required.