St James The Great Parish Church

Across the Municipal Hall of Bolinao is a 400-year old church built by the Augustinians. In front of the Church is a marker stating that a Mass was celebrated in Bolinao in 1324 by a Franciscan missionary, Blessed Odorico. This is about 200 years earlier than the recognized first Mass in Limasawa.

Binungey Delicacy

Along the gates of Saint James The Great Parish, you can find a famous Bolinao delicacy, the Binungey. It's a bamboo cake made by cooking sticky rice with coconut milk inside a bamboo. It's best paired with either sugar, ripe mangoes, or coconut jam

Bolinao Falls

A 40-minute drive from the town proper, you will find Bolinao Falls 1, 2 and 3. Two-thirds of the way in, you will find yourself in a bit of a rough road, but we assure you, it's worth it! Directions are available in Waze."

Balingasay River

Balingasay River

Enchanted Cave

Following the picturesque coastline from the Balingasay Bridge for a good 10-minute drive, you'll find the most popular underground cave in Bolinao, the Enchanted Cave. Located inside the cave is a spring water pool where you can swim to your heart's content. On the way to the entrance of the cave, fossilized giant clams can be found. These clams littering the sides of the hill leading to the cave are visible proof that Bolinao was under the sea millions of years ago.

CapeBolinao Lighthouse

CapeBolinao Lighthouse 'On your way to Patar Beach, you will find the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. This lighthouse was built atop the Punta Piedra Point in 1903. Drop by to enjoy a panoramic view of the West Philippine Sea.

Patar Beach

'Imbued with golden white sand and crystal clear water, it is the ideal place to spend some quality time with your family or with someone special. Don't forget to wear sun screen!